Dallas Art Fair
April 20, 2023–April 23, 2023

GRIMM Gallery and Micki Meng present Gabriella Boyd, Francesca Mollett, and Rosalind Nashashibi at Dallas Art Fair 2023 (Booth D7).

Governed by a dreamlike logic, each of Gabriella Boyd's images is at the threshold of a tangible world and a distant memory. Each work articulates a unique mise-en-scène that is reinforced by repeated visual devices, gestures or patterns that appear and reappear. Compositions are often interspersed with lineal forms - crosses, bars, structures - measuring the distance, or closeness, between their inhabitants.

Francesca Mollett makes abstract paintings that react to space and context. Often influenced by literature, Mollett reveals a deep relationship between the ethos of life and of time, elusive and unable to be articulated through representation alone. In this, abstraction - through colour and texture - becomes an attentive way of considering these affinities.

Rosalind Nashashibi’s practice, comprised of filmmaking and painting, chronicles intimate moments of contemporary life across diverse circumstances with a deeply empathetic and personal approach. In both her films and paintings, one piece often permeates into the next one, creating an ongoing dialogue between bodies of work. Nashashibi’s oeuvre is similarly imbued with precise references to the works of other filmmakers and painters— such as references to David Hockney, Pierre Bonnard and the filmmakers Alexander Kluge and Chantal Akerman.